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Our School

Dale Avenue is a very special and unique learning community that focuses on Early Childhood Education, Preschool to Grade 2.  Our accomplished faculty has a united focus in providing an environment where children feel safe and are encouraged to explore, think critically and build relationships with their peers and adults.  We view every child as an individual with unique qualities and needs. These individual differences are valued and nurtured through thoughtful and meaningful learning experiences that integrate the social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs of our students. 


Dale Avenue School derives instruction from, "The Creative Curriculum" for Preschool.  "The Creative Curriculum", is a research-based method of teaching that encourages children to learn through "doing"; it requires active thinking and experimenting to make discoveries about the world around us.  Instruction is based on child development and how children learn, the individual strengths, needs and interests of each child and each child's family and community cultures.  In grades K-2, Paterson Public Schools have developed a comprehensive curriculum in order to plan instruction inclusive of all students.  The New Jersey Learning Standards covered during each instructional unit of the curriculum are reflective of the student learning objectives outlined in the New Jersey Model Curriculum.  Each standard will be measured on the aligned unit assessment as a means to inform teachers of the learning expectations and student outcomes.